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Welcome to Scala Labs

If you are looking for a great, hands-on way to learn Scala, then this is the place for you. This site offers hands-on labs that will teach you the basics of this great programming language.

The goal of this site is to make it as easy as possible to get some hands-on experience with Scala. To that end we have developed a series of simple step-by-step exercises ranging from very basic indeed to a more advanded level.

News and Status

June 10

Compatible with Scala 2.9.0 & new Akka/Typesafe labs We are not only up to date again, we also offer a new cool lab, which allows you to create a fully functional trafficlight application based on the newest Typesafe stack (Akka actor's). All you have to do is: git clone --recursive git://, cd to playground/akka and of you go. It's that easy to discover this promising stack pretty in-depth!

Okt 31

Compatible with Scala 2.8.0 & new labs We are up to date again! Now all the labs are fully compatible with Scala 2.8.0. For the ease of use maven support has been re-added without removing support for sbt. So now the choice is yours when building labs. Last but not least a series of new labs have been added, covering recursion in combination with pattern matching. Check them out and unveil the secrets of Scala even more.

Apr 22

Advanced Labs Just a quick word to say that we have started working on some labs for the NLJUG University Advanced Scala session to be held on May 20th @ Xebia Headquarters in Hilversum, NL. The topics that we want to cover include: actors, parser combinators, implicits and JPA. See you there!

Nov 25

On Tour in the Netherlands This December we are taking the Scala Labs on the road with some live hands-on sessions around the Netherlands to reach out to our fellow Dutch developers who are interested in Scala. We will be doing a short introduction presentation but most of the focus will be on getting our hands dirty with some Scala labs.

For more information and our tour schedule, see the Xebia website.

Nov 11

Scala Labs at the J-Fall Conference On wednesday November 11th we are hosting a full day walk-in, hands-on labs experience at the NLJUG J-Fall conference in Spant !, Bussum, the Netherlands. We will have ten laptops prepared but you can also bring your own machine and use one of our usb sticks to get started hacking Scala. This is our first public appearance so if you live in the Netherlands, come visit us and get your hands dirty with the Scala coding.

Nov 10

We are Ready to Roll ! Our self-imposed deadline is here and we think we have created enough labs and exercises for people to start playing with them, so from today we are officially live ! If you want some hands-on experience with Scala coding, hurry over to our Getting Started page and check out our labs.

We have worked hard the last couple of weeks to bring you the first batch of labs. These latest labs are mostly focused on the absolute basics so they are a good place to start. The original, slightly more advanced labs that we developed for a company-internal course have been left mostly unchanged except for some polishing here and there. They are a good starting point if you have already read one of the Scala books or if you want to refresh your basics a bit by playing around with the Twitter API using Scala.